Students ’fall ill’ on trip, eating ‘illegal substance’

STUDENTS from a prominent Gold Coast Catholic school are believed to have "fallen ill" on a school trip this week after consuming an illegal substance.

The school, Aquinas College in Ashmore, informed police of the alleged incident, which is believed to have involved cookies containing cannabis.

The Bulletin understands eight students were involved in the incident.

Aquinas College told the Bulletin in a statement that the school was investigating the circumstances that caused the students to fall ill and believed an "illegal substance" was involved.



Aquinas College confirmed some students “fell ill” but recovered quickly. Photo: Supplied
Aquinas College confirmed some students “fell ill” but recovered quickly. Photo: Supplied


"Aquinas College is investigating a matter in which some secondary school students became ill during an excursion to end the school year. Fortunately, the students quickly recovered," the statement said.

"We have been working with the students and their families to learn more about this situation before deciding on appropriate responses.

"We believe that an illegal substance was involved. We do not believe that this substance was sold by students to other students. The substance was not found on the students.

"The College has informed police and will continue to keep them updated with any relevant information. Police have informed us that they do not intend to take further action.

"The end of the school year is impacting on our investigation. However, we will wrap up our initial investigations in the coming days before meeting with students and their families in mid-January.

"All schools place student wellbeing as their highest priority.

"At Aquinas College, we offer a program that makes our students aware of the dangers of illegal substances.

"We are fortunate to have many fine students among the 1000 enrolments at our school.

"Our students are supported by families who provide excellent support throughout their education."

Aquinas College is the oldest co-educational Catholic college on the Gold Coast.