Generic pics of exam room for Pheany Ban story
Generic pics of exam room for Pheany Ban story

Students and parents struck with ATAR anxiety

IPSWICH year 12 students and parents experiencing anxiety around ATAR results have been encouraged to remember they aren’t alone.

New findings revealed more than 80 per cent of year 12 students across the country are experiencing ATAR anxiety, which is up from 75 per cent last year.

The research, carried out by Cluey Learning, also revealed that 62 per cent of students felt COVID-19 would have a negative impact on their final results.

Chief Learning Officer Dr Selina Samuels said it was important to identify the appropriate support senior students were looking for.

“I think the first thing is for everyone to acknowledge that students are feeling less supported than they might have in the past,” she said.

“They feel very negative I would say and anxious about the impact of all the disruption on their final results and then their admission to university.

“About half of the students we spoke to are looking for or already getting additional support, in addition to the support they’re getting from school.”

It’s not just students feeling the pressure. One in three seniors revealed their parents’ anxiety was worse than their own.

“There are lots of parents being very worried about their kids and possibly, they have more insight now than they have had in the past into what is really involved in preparing for final exams because they’ve been at home with their children,” Dr Samuels said.

Parents are being reminded to find ways to manage their own stress levels in order to help their students with theirs.

Dr Samuels advice to those experiencing ATAR anxiety was to make sure they try not to worry too much about the competition, as every year 12 student is in the same boat.

“Make sure they don’t waste too much energy in the feeling that it is unfair that they’re going through their final year this year,” she said.

“All the year 12 students in Queensland are going through the same experience and they should really be focusing on their own learning, rather than worrying too much if its impacting them worse than other kids, because it’s all the same.”

Queensland ATAR is the standard measure of a student’s overall academic achievement in relation to other students where students have studied different subject combinations.

ATARS are expressed as a number on a 2000-point scale from 99.95 down to 0.00 in steps of 0.05.