Stretch of road with worst congestion named

COMMUTING between Ipswich and Brisbane will bring more frustration unless funding is urgently allocated to the Ipswich Motorway and Centenary Highway, which form part of the worst stretches of road in Brisbane.

The 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit placed the Ipswich Motorway to Indooroopilly via the Centenary Highway as the fourth most congested road corridor during morning peak time in Australia's major cities; under current predictions it would jump to third place by 2031.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner wants urgent funding for both motorways. He said governments must think further ahead than just the next election, with growth surpassing upgrades already under way.

"The fact of the matter is the growth of southeast Queensland. The massive scale and size of developments particularly in the southwest (of Brisbane) is going to cause congestion problems for us in the future if we don't start planning now," he said.

"It has to be a co-ordinated approach and it has to involve all three levels of government. None of us expects these roads to be built in the next few years. We understand funding is tight, we understand there are priorities and the M1 and the Bruce Highway are those priorities at the moment.

"But we can't sustain the current level of funding and the poor planning that we're seeing. We can't survive on three year electoral cycles. We need to be thinking 10, 15, 20 years ahead."

The report stated congestions has a "significant" impact on quality of life and will cost $6 billion in lost productivity over the next 12 years.

"If we're spending an hour-and-a-half or two hours in the car every day because we haven't planned properly for our infrastructure, that directly impacts our standard of living... on our lifestyle. It's hours spent away from family, friends and the workplace as we sit in cars or buses on our roads," he said.

Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey said the report highlighted the need for a better state relationship with the Federal Government to deliver the infrastructure to deal with growth in the southeast corner.

But he said the State Government had been doing the "heavy lifting" with four record infrastructure spends in the past five state budgets.

"With the Ipswich Motorway we're seeing a major upgrade there between Granard Road and the Oxley roundabout underway," he said.

"It's at its peak right now and that's a funding deal with the Federal Government.

"Once that's complete in the next year or so, we'll then have the next stage - the final stage of the Ipswich Motorway to do. We'd like to get a good funding arrangement there in place.

"In terms of the Centenary Highway, we're doing a business case for duplicating the bridge there so you must get that done as part of any upgrade. We're getting that preparation work done... and started heavy construction on the Sumners Rd interchange upgrade there which is also critical in terms of getting across the Centenary."


Annika Pedersen: Stop dropping the speed limit, this causes unnecessary congestion. Also Goodna on-ramp/Logan off-ramp definitely needs to be fixed as the locals never stay in left lane and merge after the Logan exit.

Martin Evans: Mornings can be a problem travelling eastbound at Goodna and before the Centenary Highway overpass to the Oxley exit and on-ramp. Afternoons westbound can be a bit of a crawl from Rocklea to Oxley and from Logan Motorway on-ramp to Redbank exit. I can't wait for the next stage of the upgrade between Centenary Highway and Oxley to start. It has been needed for a long time.

Ben Thompson: The upgrades have helped. I remember when it was two lanes the whole way. Traffic was a crawl right form the warrago high way. Now it's a crawl from Darra so I think it will be great when they are finished. It's getting worse though on the way home at Redbank and the Mt Crosby/Tivlo exit. Traffic slows right up. Back to the bridge at Dinmore sometimes.

Caroline Bishop: The work so far has improved it. We travel it and is far better now than it was earlier in the year.

Luke Scriven: The fact you're asking the question I reckon is enough of a answer.

Nathan Picot: Yes, drive it on a regular basis, over the past few years it has been getting progressively worse. Especially around the Camira through to Redbank stretch in the afternoons Ipswich inbound and Ipswich outbound can bank back to Wacol entry on really bad days, and nobody can give an indication of when you're going to have a good or a bad day.

Chad Hayes: The statistics from insurance companies regarding accidents will tell the story. It is not only just Ipswich Motorway but the whole Ipswich and surrounding traffic network that is congested. The road infrastructure around Ipswich is 15 years behind what it should be. The local and state infrastructure planners need to get out of the offices and consult with the community and road users about transportation infrastructure. As a tow truck driver for 20 years in the region the congestion is longer and the time taken to clear the accidents is increasing too. The government fails to plan for and provide sufficient funding for road infrastructure. This increases transport costs and overheads for all businesses. Lack of road infrastructure also restricts jobs growth and further infrastructure being created in the local economy.

Demi-lea Straney: Getting to work in the morning I'm finding is becoming easier, but the trip back home to Rosewood is horrid.

Cahlan Lambert: Ipswich Motorway needed upgrading again 10 years ago or maybe they should have gone with their original plan of three lane when the first designed it.

Darryn Collins: Shocking road.

Scott Ranger: Absolutely it's getting worse. I understand why it's bad eastbound in the morning but its just getting worse westbound now. No sooner do you get up to speed after getting through Rocklea you come to a standstill at Redbank.