Guilty mum walks from court after homework assault on son

AN IPSWICH mum has been sentenced to a jail term for assaulting her young son.

The frustrated mother became angry when the school boy did not do his homework and she slammed his head into a table, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

She had drug problems at the time and had since undertaken drug rehabilitation to deal with issues.

The mother, 26, pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm to the child; four counts of illegal drug possession; possession of drug utensils; two counts of knife possession in public; and three counts of driving unlicensed when SPER suspended.

Her defence lawyer told the court the mother was stressed out and very anxious on the morning of the assault.

She was running late, was frustrated her child would be late for school, then discovered he'd not done his homework.

"It was not her intention to smash his head into the table," the lawyer said.

"It was to put his head down and work."

The lawyer argued for supervised probation, saying a custodial sentence would be excessive for the working mum.

Police revealed her criminal history held a previous assault offence.

Magistrate David Shepherd said he accepted it had been a spontaneous incident that was not indicative of ongoing abuse.

He said it was a one-off, isolated assault but was a breach of trust.

He said the mum's record of violence indicated a willingness to use force in some circumstances.

Mr Shepherd said it was to the mum's credit she had dealt with her drug issues and tackled poor life choices.

The mum said she began keeping knives after being subjected to physical abuse in a previous abusive relationship.

However, Mr Shepherd said such weapons could potentially be used against the woman and added to the danger.

Mr Shepherd sentenced the mother to eight months' jail for the assault of her son, and two months' jail for possession of the knives.

He granted her immediate parole release.

She was convicted and fined for the drug offences.