State of Origin streaker captured on video from another angle

Streaker in stadium ban - and police don't think he's funny

THE streaker who ran onto the field during a crucial point in Wednesday night's State of Origin rugby league match, has been banned from ANZ Stadium over the stunt which has turned him into a social media sensation.

Since his arrest, serial streaker Wati Holmwood has starred in thousands of Facebook memes featuring photoshopped images of his naked body at various high-profile sporting events.

The 33-year-old was tackled by security guards and police after sprinting 100m down the field and interrupting play in the final minutes of the match.

He was covered with a blanket and charged with wilful exposure.

While his actions fuelled numerous online gags, police were not amused.

NSW Police Chief Superintendant Peter Gillam said a "nail-biting" game had been marred by the stupdity of one man.

"His running onto the field and into the middle of the play was not only dangerous but also idiotic and senseless," Supt Gillam said

"No one wants to see a grown man running around naked at a footy match and this man can expect to not only feel the wrath of the crowd but also a magistrate."

Mr Holmwood will front court on August 6.