Defibrillator CPR practice
Defibrillator CPR practice

Strangers did non-stop CPR for 25 minutes to save man's life

Selfless citizens who stopped to assist police giving CPR to an unconscious man have been thanked by a senior police officer on Monday.

Richmond Police District Acting Inspector Bernadette Ingram said officers were grateful for the "fantastic assistance" from members of the public on the weekend.

"At 5.30pm on Saturday police patrolling along Keen St came across an unconscious man on the ground," she said.

"Because ambulance paramedics were tied up with a serious matter, officers and others performed CPR on the man, aged 67, for 25 minutes.

'This is a long time to perform CPR until paramedics arrive."

Act Insp Ingram said one of the passers-by who stopped to help was a doctor.

It is understood a defibrillator was also used.

"The man was taken to Lismore Base Hospital and was later transferred to Gold Coast University Hospital by Westpac life Saver Rescue Helicopter," she said.

"Apparently he is now recovering well."