Storms brewing but unlikely to cause further pain this week

ANYONE unlucky enough to have been involved in the clean-up of debris yesterday morning would have been sweating beads, with humidity going through the roof as a result of Sunday's storms.

Along with the destructive winds, parts of Ipswich received some excellent rainfall.

One of the weather stations in Harrisville registered 79mm, while Amberley had 57mm.

Elsewhere, falls between 40-50mm were common.


Although there is a chance of storms again tomorrow, Bureau of Meteorology spokesman Jess Carey said the city was unlikely to see a repeat of Sunday's belter.

"Everything lined up for Sunday's storms," Mr Carey said.

"There was lots of available moisture, there was instability and the winds lined up.

"We saw some big hail out at Warwick, some really strong winds and very heavy rainfall in some areas."

Although Ipswich is not out of the woods, Mr Carey said he did not think a big storm was likely this week.

Relief from the hot and humid weather is on the way, however, with a south-easterly change to arrive late Wednesday night.