Storm could follow scorcher, but still no sign of La Niña

A DRY and relatively cool start to spring will no doubt have plenty of Ipswich people questioning the recent announcement that La Niña conditions could bring above average rainfall for the final months of the year.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Peter Claassen says the dry conditions will most likely continue into the weekend, despite the chance of a storm following Friday's predicted top of 35 degrees.

An approaching trough will bring north-westerly winds, picking the dry heat up into the mid-30s, before a possible storm, which could bring some isolated rainfall on Friday afternoon.

Winds are expected to turn south-westerly behind the storm, sending temperatures back down into the low 30s for the weekend.

"Yes it is still dry and looks like it will continue to be dry over the weekend, which is keeping those overnight temperatures down," Mr Claassen said.

"At this stage there is a 20 per cent chance of a shower or storm on Friday afternoon, but there is no significant rainfall in it, apart from maybe some isolated areas."

Mr Claassen said there was still a degree of uncertainty over next week's forecast, in terms of whether or not we could see any more rain.

For those who have given up on La Niña delivering the goods, it is not time to despair just yet.

The Bureau still rates us a 60 per cent chance of experiencing a wetter than average October, while the chances of more rain in November are even higher - about 70 per cent.

From now to the end of December, the Ipswich region still rates a 67 per cent chance of exceeding our average rainfall.

"It is still looking consistent with La Niña," Mr Claassen said.