'Stop immigration, welfare for single mums': Blair candidate

SINGLE mothers on welfare are the target of a right-wing political hopeful, who wants to see their payments canned if elected.

John 'Sandy' Turner is again running for a seat in the Blair electorate in the Federal Election 2019 after an unsuccessful tilt in 2016.

Mr Turner voiced his ideas at a forum at the Ipswich Golf Club, labelling children born out of wedlock as 'mistakes'.    

On the bill for the evening were Majella Zimpel, United Australia Party, Sharon Bell from Pauline Hanson's One Nation, Peter Fitzpatrick from Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party, John Quinn from the Democratic Labor Party and Mr Turner.

The anteroom at the golf club was about three-quarters filled, according to Mr Turner, who took to the microphone for eight minutes to voice his dream for Australia's future.

"Immigration. I firmly believe people wanting to come to these shores should assimilate with us. Plain and simple. No ifs buts or maybes," he said.

"We need to stop immigration, right now, for the time being, while we sort the problem out. Help them to assimilate, help them to speak English."



Mr Turner also believes retirees should receive a $600 a week pension, while single mother pensions should be subject to some strict conditions.

"If a female is not with a male and happens to have a child - okay everyone makes a mistake, we'll support that - but if you go on to have any more, you do not receive any welfare," he said.

"Make them responsible for their actions."

National security is also a big concern for Mr Turner, who wants to up spending on securing the country. He also wants to employ some socialism and take back natural resources from "mining magnates".

"I want to increase spending on defence and foreign affairs to $105 billion a year. The reason for that is we need to secure our nation," he said.

"We need to secure our nation. At this point in time our defences are absolutely minuscule compared to some of our neighbours. If they decide they want to skip over the ditch, we offer no resistance.

"Natural resources, well, Australia is a very lucky country. We have lots of mineral resources, those resources should belong to the country. Not to mining magnates."


Imagery contributed by Blair Federal candidate John 'Sandy' Turner.
Blair Federal candidate John 'Sandy' Turner with voters at pre-poll. John 'Sandy' Turner

Incumbent Blair MP and Labor candidate Shayne Neumann, LNP's Robert Shearman, and independent Simone Karandrews did not attend the evening which was organised by the Ipswich Community Forum, a community group generally affiliated with the right wing of politics.

Mr Neumann said if the event had been hosted by a "reputable association" he would have attended.   "I don't turn up to political debates organised by my political opponents," he said.