COMMITTED: Kylie Stoneman is the only declared candidate in Division 4 but says she is taking nothing for granted.
COMMITTED: Kylie Stoneman is the only declared candidate in Division 4 but says she is taking nothing for granted.

Stoneman in position to win Div 4 as Petersen circles

KYLIE Stoneman is in pole position to win Division 4 at the local government elections but Patricia Petersen has not ruled out running against her.

The retirement of Cr Bruce Casos has left Ms Stoneman as the only candidate contesting the division, but nominations are yet to be called for so that situation could well change.

Either way, Ms Stoneman has been campaigning hard since May of last year and that groundwork should put her in good stead.

But Ms Petersen remains an X factor in the race.

It is hard to get a handle on exactly what Ms Petersen's intentions are.

She said earlier that if Mayor Paul Pisasale decided to run again she would almost certainly not contest the mayoralty.

Cr Pisasale is definitely running again.

Then she said she was leaning towards running against Cr Andrew Antoniolli in Division 7.

Yesterday Ms Petersen said that if Cr Pisasale ran there was a "99.9% chance that I won't be".

"But I haven't ruled Division 4 out because I live in Riverview and the division takes in Riverview," she said.

"Technically I live in Division 3, but I am only a few streets away from Division 4 and the issues there are relevant.

"It wouldn't be an unnatural fit for me to slide over to Division 4 so it is definitely not off the table."

Ms Stoneman said the race was far from over.

"I am not taking anything for granted. There is still time for people to nominate," she said.

"I started campaigning in May of 2015 and I've been going steadily since then, but I've ramped it up in the last month or so.

"I am still door knocking, organising sign sites and distributing flyers.

"I'm meeting as many people as possible."

Ms Stoneman said her campaign was focussed on the basics.

"I'm putting Division 4 first and listening to people," she said.

"Parks are definitely something people want...and footpaths.

"It is the simple things that council is responsible for."

Ms Petersen said there were plenty of issues for her to sink her teeth into if she ran in Division 4.

"The parks in Division 4 definitely need upgrading and there is one in Dinmore that is absolutely atrocious," she said.

"There is a water tank that doesn't have a top on it so kids and families can't have a drink of water."

"Geographically, Division 4 has the potential to be beautiful. It can be with a bit of effort and imagination."

She said business support for women and essential services needed attention in the division.

Division 4 is now one of three divisions that has just the one declared candidate.

Sitting councillors Cheryl Bromage and Charlie Pisasale, in Division 6 and Division 8 respectively, do not have any opponents at this stage.

Division 5 looms as the seat to provide the most intrigue with eight candidates already declaring their intention to run.

Cr Heather Morrow's retirement has opened the door with Ipswich Jets CEO and former Ipswich West MP Wayne Wendt considered the front runner.

But the QT understands the number of candidates is set to rise with some pundits tipping the division to field 10 to 12 candidates at least.

It remains to be seen whether Cr Casos' retirement will see the same cavalcade of candidates put their hands up in Division 4.

Cr David Pahlke is set for a ding-dong battle with Steve Franklin in Division 10 while Cr Victor Attwood has four declared opponents in Division 3.