Aussies show their stockpiling collection. Picture: Facebook
Aussies show their stockpiling collection. Picture: Facebook

Stockpilers show off epic hoards

These are the people who don't have to worry about panic buying and they're proud of it.

Stockpilers have shared photos of their epic hoards, saying they're the smart ones who don't have to hit the supermarkets with empty shelves.

Panicked customers rushed to Coles and Woolworths supermarkets in Melbourne ahead of lockdown measures coming into force.

Just a day after they were scrapped, supermarkets reinstated buying limits across Victoria as shoppers raided shelves.

But stockpilers were not among the crowds.

"My close friends and family commented when we had the toilet paper phase, (but) the joke was on everyone else as I planned for a few lifetimes," one wrote on the Budgeting, Food, Savings Ideas, Stockpiling, Life Help Australia Facebook page.

"I realise many think this is greediness, I have been a stockpiler long before COVID-19."


Aussies show their stockpiling collection. Picture: Facebook
Aussies show their stockpiling collection. Picture: Facebook

Another said they were not just a stockpiler but a prepper.

"No I don't have a tin foil hat, but I believe in having emergency supplies in case s**t hits the fan, case in point being this pandemic," they wrote.

"But I also prep in case of job loss, economic crisis or god forbid a war.

"I 'stockpiled' this over 18 months, taking advantage of sale, promo codes and any extra funds I had."

The prepper said they were not the reason shelves had been empty because they had not been to the supermarket for three months.

"So in fact there is more on the shelves as my family hasn't needed to purchase anything," they said.

"I have two 12 packs of toilet paper as I have used my stockpile and haven't needed to purchase any toilet paper since January.

"Once this pandemic is over I will again start stockpiling, until then I'm respectfully staying out of shops and getting produce direct from a local farmer."



One woman said how many of them had been able to provide toilet paper and other basics to friends, family and neighbours who were not able to find any.

She said people should learn from what they do.

"Teach them to pay attention to what they use every day and slowly, over time, build up a back up so that low stocks in shops, financial hardship and this pandemic, that will effect the way we live for a very long time, can still have necessities and feed their families and can have enough at home until stocks return to shelves," she said.

Stockpiling is also big in the US where people gather things through collecting coupons.

One woman's video on TikTok went viral in March, gaining more than seven million views when she shared her epic stocks.






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