Ipswich Force basketballers Georgia Williams and Jason Ralph were recently engaged.
Ipswich Force basketballers Georgia Williams and Jason Ralph were recently engaged. David Nielsen

Stint in the US takes friends to next level

WHILE Jason Ralph and Georgia Williams glow with excitement being engaged, they have another reason to be content.

The basketball fanatics are thrilled they met and developed their bond through the game they love most.

"Over half our friends are in basketball,'' Jason said, as Georgia smiled in agreement.

"It's easy when you have that much time together and they are all good people.''

Georgia said when the pair started living together in the US, their bond reached a new level.

Being able to make everything work while training, playing and studying in a different country provided a solid foundation for any future relationship.

Their friendship since juniors blossomed as they entered adult life.

"We were living together and that was a big step,'' Jason said.

While pleased to have Jason with her for the last year of their stint at Valley City State University, Georgia appreciated all four years improving her basketball skills.

She arrived in the US as an 18-year-old.

"I definitely learnt a lot as a player and matured a lot, which I think allowed me to come back and feel comfortable in the QBL, which is great,'' she said.

Jason was 20 when he started the first of his two years in the college environment.

Both are now focused on finishing their studies in south east Queensland - Jason in primary education at USQ Springfield and Georgia competing a masters in physio at University of Queensland.

With the new season just weeks away, the busy young couple appreciate another opportunity in Ipswich this year.

That is to complete a full pre-season for their respective Force teams, having in past years returned from the US at different stages.

The Ipswich Force men's and women's teams launch their latest state league campaigns against Cairns in late April.