Steven Tarasiuk, 49, leaving the Supreme court in Brisbane on Thursday.
Steven Tarasiuk, 49, leaving the Supreme court in Brisbane on Thursday.

‘Bogan’ stalker’s years of abuse revealed

A "BOGAN" builder has been found guilty of stalking his next-door neighbour, a solicitor and town planner, who sold her riverside home to get away from him.

A jury found Steven Tarasiuk, 49, guilty of stalking Arna Duetz over three years, but not guilty of stalking his other former Ivy St, Indooroopilly, neighbour, Qantas pilot David Coates.

In the fifth week of the Brisbane District Court trial, the jury of eight women and four men deliberated over two and a half days.

The jury reached a verdict soon after the Crown prosecutor told the jury he would no longer proceed with the more serious charges of stalking with violence to property.

Problems began after Tarasiuk and his wife bought a large riverside block in Ivy St, Indooroopilly, from neighbour Arna Duetz and her husband in 2012, the court heard.



33, 37 and 39 Ivy Street, Indooroopilly. Picture: Liam Kidston
33, 37 and 39 Ivy Street, Indooroopilly. Picture: Liam Kidston

After Tarasiuk set out to build his "dream home" on the river, his neighbours made 61 complaints to Brisbane City Council about his home building plans.

They also made complaints to police about activity on the building site.

Mrs Duetz, who called Tarasiuk a "bogan", told the court when she would go into her yard Tarasiuk would cough to get her attention and then say "bitch".

It also was claimed Tarasiuk called Mrs Duetz an "ugly f…ing dog bitch".

Mrs Duetz told of Tarasiuk repeatedly staring into her home at her and following her closely.

She told of her fear and an occasion when his sudden presence caused her to scream loudly and run inside her house.

The words "Wankers Nabers" appeared on Tarasiuk's side of the boundary wall with the Duetz's property, but he denied writing the words.

When the Duetz home was up for sale, Tarasiuk hung a sign on his front fence, saying "As Seen on ACA 9", to let people know about the airing of the neighbourhood dispute on television.

Steven Tarasiuk, 49. Picture: AAP/John Gass
Steven Tarasiuk, 49. Picture: AAP/John Gass


The Coates's son Nicholas said he heard Tarasiuk say: "I just love f…ing with the neighbours", which was denied.

Crown prosecutor Ron Swanwick told the jurors Tarasiuk was a vindictive bully, who caused his neighbours "profound misery".

Despite the jury not finding Tarasiuk guilty of stalking him, Mr Coates said the verdict was "a good outcome for all the people in the community".

Mr Coates said Tarasiuk's stalking had a terrible effect on Mrs Duetz.

"I feel vindicated. The justice system has done a good job," Mr Coates said.

Tarasiuk was originally charged with four stalking offences, but the Crown dropped two counts during the trial.

To convict him of stalking Mrs Duetz, the jury had to find that Tarasiuk intentionally directed a course of conduct against her on at least two or more occasions.

Tarasiuk, who denied all the stalking allegations, will be sentenced tomorrow.