Stephen Colbert dances to Daft Punk as appearance cancelled

THOSE of you in need of a good cheering up need only watch the video below as US talk show host and comedian Stephen Colbert hosts a 'dance party' with a number of prominent actors, politicians and showbiz figures.

Viewers of his show, the Stephen Colbert Report were treated to the spectacle of the host breaking out dancing to Daft Punk's summer hit Get Lucky.

He is joined by House actor Hugh Laurie and Hollywood legend Jeff Bridges before barging in on fellow TV personalities Jimmy Fallon, John Stewart and Charlie Rose.

Breaking Bad's leading man Bryan Cranston also joins Colbert dressed in appropriate disco get-up.

The set peace finishes with satirist jumping out of an office cupboard to the shock of former US statesman Henry Kissinger and sharing the dancefloor with Bourne Identity actor Matt Damon.

The French dance group who penned the dancefloor filler were scheduled to perform the song as part of the Colbert Report's summer concert series Colbchella, billed by the presenter as "the anti-establishment, convention-destroying rock and roll ethos brought to you by Hyundai" but were forced to cancel last minute due to an exclusivity deal with MTV.

Colbert, who referred to the masked duo at the helm of the group as "Click and Clack" told viewers on Tuesday that the group had been booked to appear on the show a month ago.

In frustration at the no-show Colbert retorted, "Apparently, Daft Punk are going to make a surprise appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Don't tell anyone."