Hancocks A-Grade player Kai Douglas is coaching the Ipswich under-18 side at this year's Queensland titles.
Hancocks A-Grade player Kai Douglas is coaching the Ipswich under-18 side at this year's Queensland titles. Kevin Farmer

State title winner sharing knowledge with next generation

HOCKEY: Having coached a junior Ipswich team and shared in a state title victory, Kai Douglas was happy to accept another representative role this season.

The skilful Hancocks A-Grade player hopes those experiences help the Ipswich under-18 side heading to the state titles later this month.

Douglas said one of the biggest things he learnt coaching an Ipswich under-11 team was player management.

The premiership-winning player was also part of the Ipswich under-18 side that won the state title in 2012 in Townsville, the same venue for this year's championships.

First-time under-18 coach Douglas is keen to share that knowledge with the current group of talented teenagers, some of which he still plays against in the Ipswich competition.

"It's good,'' Douglas said. "We know how to talk to each other and everyone gets on.''

Ipswich is sending two under-18 teams to the Queensland championships from June 30-July 2. While the boys are playing in Townsville, the girls will be at Tweed Border.

Ipswich also has four under-13 teams preparing for their state titles from July 7-10. The two boys sides are playing in Toowoomba, with the girls lining up in Cairns.

Kai's younger brother Blake is coaching the under-13 boys number one combination.

Other Ipswich coaches are Steve Rogers (under-18 girls), Paul Malcolm (under-12 boys number two), Danielle Emblem (under-13 girls number one) and Shannon Ashton (under-13 girls number two side).

For Kai, the focus has been on building team chemistry over the past five weeks, knowing the young players have plenty of skills.

"It's just getting everyone used to all the blokes,'' he said.

"They have really come along in the last two weeks.

"Everyone is starting to gel, which is nice.

"There's been a lot of young blokes trial this year so its made the older boys earn their spots.''

Hancocks' teammate Jay Pavitt has been assisting Douglas prepare the side.

Douglas also appreciates having well-travelled former state player Tom Cook as manager.

"He's knowledgeable,'' Douglas said. "He coaches in Ipswich as well so it will be good to have that extra set of eyes.''

The team will be led by Norths' A-Grade teammates Zac Profke and David Visser.

However, Zac's younger brother Riley has been ruled out of hockey for four weeks after breaking his thumb at the base last Friday night in Brisbane. He soldiered on in his C-Grade Ipswich match on Saturday before the pain became too intense in Sunday's A-Grade game.

Riley was disappointed to miss his Ipswich under-18 opportunity because he wanted to play with Zac in their last junior team together.

Ipswich under-18 boys team: Matthew West, Lachlan Pomerenke, Maximus Schulz, Jack Hogrefe, Bradley Walker, Aidan Snook, Sebastian Miller, Samuel Kenny, Joseph Cook, Zac Profke, Daimon Bell, David Visser, Brendon Michel, Ben Moss, Archie Cameron. Shadows: Cian McLaughlin, Rhys Stenzel, Caleb Doyle, Joe Butta. Coach: Kai Douglas. Manager: Tom Cook.

Ipswich under-18 girls: Lani Blackman, Caitlin Canty, Talicia Canty, Jessica Chaplin, Olivia Chubb, Maddy Denny, Abby Eleison, Caleisha Harper, Victoria Heffernan, Jade Mcdougall, Jordn Office, Jemma Payne, Emma Petersen, Emma Picton, Ashley Spry, Georgia Stenzel. Coach: Steven Rogers. Manager: Kylie Stenzel.

Ipswich under-13 boys number one team: Alex Zumbansen, Ryan Pickering, Sam Savage (captain), Lachlan McDermott-Parkes, Tom Kissane, Jack White, Christian White, Austin Smith, Thomas Savage, Lachlan Savage, Aidan Hansen, Martin Batten, Harry Black, Harrison Memory, Sam Morris. Coach: Blake Douglas. Assistant coach: Paul Malcolm. Manager: Leanne Savage.

Ipswich under-13 boys number two: Charlie Cook, John Taylor, Kyan Daly, Toby Butler, Matthew Victor, Finnbar Johnston, Harry McInnes, Cooper Simpson, Andrew Batten (captain), Cooper Malcolm, Matthew Bell, Matthew McManus, Hudson Rogers, Nate Cappellano, Luke Morris, Bailey Mcpherson. Shadows: Bailey Metz, Jason Adams. Coach: Paul Malcolm. Assistant coach: Blake Douglas. Manager: Kristel Mcpherson.

Ipswich under-13 girls number one team: Mackenzie Rogers, Charlie Emblem, Hannah Simpson, Tamara McPeake, Dakota Wenzel-Stephen, Stephanie Wode, Charlotte McDowell, Alice Brown, Grace Dombroski, Chane Smit, Amity Jackson, Emily Noga, Abby Wells, Claudia Casey. Coach: Danielle Emblem. Manager: Dynelle Rogers.

Ipswich under-13 girls number two: Imogen Price, Jenna Klerks, Caitlin Memory, Darcy Ashton-Norton, Alexis Brown, Jacinta Miller, Lianna Doyle, Paige Mole, Layla Payne, Krystal Melksham, Amelia Maosaka, Bella Profke, Alicia Meloury, Amelia Lowing, Marni Pennicott. Coach: Shannon Ashton. Manager: Anna Payne.