State mulls Ipswich council call-in request

IN TEN days, the State Government will decide whether it will step in on an application to increase the volume of rubbish heading into one Ipswich waste facility.

While the spotlight is on the proposed "super dump", the council is anxiously awaiting the state's decision on a different waste application.

On Wednesday night, a debate raged in parliament over whether the State Minister for Planning, Cameron Dick, should "call in" the BMI application to establish a new super dump at New Chum.

To "call in" an application means the Minister for Planning would decide whether or not the development is approved.

During that debate, Minister Dick pointed out Ipswich City Council had not asked the state to exercise its call-in powers on that application which it is still assessing.

But the council has asked the Minister to call in a different application from Bio-Recycle, trading as Bettergrow.

Ipswich City Council has already rejected the proposal from Bio-Recycle to significantly increase the amount of rubbish coming into its Swanbank site.

The matter is now before the Planning Court after Bio-Recycle lodged an appeal to the council's decision, with hearings starting this week.

Earlier this week, Cr Antoniolli said a strong stance against oversized dumping grounds would remove the potential for expensive legal disputes through the Planning and Environment Court. If the council loses the case in court, ratepayers will pick up the bill for the legal action.

Minister Dick has until April 3 to decide.