The State Government has applied to construct a pair of two ML water reservoirs to temporarily supply an industrial park.
The State Government has applied to construct a pair of two ML water reservoirs to temporarily supply an industrial park.

State Government plans to clear 2.8ha for water reservoirs

THE State Government has applied to construct a pair of two megalitre water reservoirs and associated facilities to temporarily supply an Ipswich industrial park.

A development application has been submitted to Ipswich City Council on behalf of Economic Development Queensland for a material change of use for a major utility in Ebenezer.

If approved, the facilities will be built at 80 Bergmans Rd to construct an interim solution to provide trunk water infrastructure for the Willowbank Industrial Park (WIP).

The precinct is owned by EDQ and 1.12ha of trees will be cleared for the reservoir infrastructure and a further 1.67ha for a firebreak.

The park is located within the Ebenezer Regional Industrial Area (ERIA), which is a 5800ha area designated for industrial activity.

“The two reservoirs form part of a wider solution for the provision of water supply to the WIP,” the application notes.

“The project also sees the installation of trunk water mains that extend the footprint of the existing water supply network.

“Allowance is provided for three future reservoirs on the site to be developed by Urban Utilities at a later stage.”

The proposal has been referred to the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

for assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

“The basis of this determination was that the proposed action is likely to have a

significant impact on listed threatened species and communities,” the application notes.

“The site does contain one record of a protected plant, Melaleuca irbyana (Swamp Tea-tree), listed as endangered under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, that will be impacted by the proposal.

“To mitigate impacts, EDQ has elected to undertake a landbased environmental offset within the WIP and has entered into an offset delivery agreement with (the Department of Environment and Science) on undertaking the offset.

“This offset will comprise an area required for clearing of the WIP, and any subsequent environmental offsets that are necessary for other parts of the project, such as the trunk water main infrastructure, part of which comprises this application.”

The proposal site is 5672ha and there are no existing buildings or structures in the area.

The installation of the trunk water main and the water reservoir will be delivered in two stages, recognised as the ‘interim solution’ and the ‘ultimate solution’.

The two ML concrete reservoirs will provide an initial water supply capacity for the ultimate WIP demand as well as other developments in the ERIA.

The ERIA will eventually require a total reservoir storage capacity of 28 ML, to be provided by Urban Utilities.

“The interim solution consists of a trunk water main and two water reservoirs,” the application notes.

“The trunk water main augments existing infrastructure servicing the Ipswich Motorsports Precinct and follows the alignment of existing road reserves.

“The interim solution will provide water to the WIP by upgrading the existing Warrill Creek Water Pump Station and the existing water pipeline along Champions Way to the Ipswich Motorsports Precinct, and pumping water up slope via a DN250 pipeline to two reservoir tanks of 2 megalitre at the Bergmans Road water reservoir site.

“The interim solution also includes a second DN375 pipeline located within the same trench, which will gravity feed water from the water reservoir site to the WIP.”

A bunded chemical unloading area and chemical dosing facility are also planned.

The ‘ultimate solution’ consists of a trunk water main and three water reservoirs.

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