LETTERS: Top marks for Labor's school funding program

CONGRATULATIONS must go to the Palaszczuk Labor Government for their school funding program "Investing for Success", replacing the previous LNP "Great Results Guarantee".

The Queensland Government's allocation of federal funding to state schools has now moved closer to the model of a base level of funding, plus loadings aimed at overcoming students' educational disadvantage, which is the model advocated by the Gonski review of schools funding.

Schools can now plan programs and allocate resources to support students with the certainty of funding for 2016 and 2017, rather than the previous model, which allocated funds only over 12 months at a time.

At the federal level, despite claiming to be on a "unity ticket" with the ALP on schools funding before its election in 2013, the LNP government has not only failed to commit to the last two years of Gonski funding, when the bulk of funding would have been delivered to schools, it also plans to cut education funding in real terms from 2017, with increases to be tied only to enrolment increases and inflation.

School funding remains a critical issue at a federal level, however, at a state level Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones and the Palaszczuk Government deserve kudos for their efforts and the changes they have made to ensure better outcomes for all students in our schools.

B. LINES, Middle Park


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