Former councillor David Pahlke.
Former councillor David Pahlke. Cordell Richardson

State ends misconduct probe, Pahlke declares it 'rubbish'

A FORMER Ipswich councillor has slammed a complaint as "rubbish" after being cleared of misconduct by a State Government investigation.

A complaint of misconduct against then division 10 councillor David Pahlke was referred to the Department of Local Government.

It related to Mr Pahlke's alleged disclosure of a resident's private information.

After an investigation, spanning about two months, the Department of Local Government cleared the former councillor.

Despite being dismissed by the State Government in August, legislation allows for action to be taken against former councillors.

Under section 176A of the Local Government Act 2009, a councillor's conduct remains subject to the provisions in the Act for two years after they have ceased to be a councillor.

Mr Pahlke said he was relieved the matter had been finalised and described the complaint as vexatious.

"It's well known who lodged the complaint," Mr Pahlke said.

"He didn't know the facts of the issue when he lodged.

"I and the local community know the facts of the issue and they supported me."

Mr Pahlke said the complaint was not sustained or proven.

"It was absolutely ridiculous," he said.

"This is the rubbish you have to put up with when people throw mud and taint everyone with the same brush.

"Until this day I will go to my grave crying unfair dismissal."

A spokeswoman from the Department of Local Government confirmed the complaint was not sustained.

"Ipswich City Council is required to ensure that the public may inspect the outcome of the complaint at its public office or on its website," she said.

Mr Pahlke and 10 councillors were dismissed by the State Government in August.