State and federal education stoush continues

FEDERAL School Education Minister Peter Garrett has promised to work with each and every state on the Gonski funding reforms, just two days after his Queensland counterpart described the lack of detail about the national reforms as Chinese water torture.

The stoush between the Commonwealth and conservative state governments including Queensland has continued, after Victoria on Saturday announced it was going its own way on school funding reform.

Mr Garrett on Tuesday said he had made it clear there were still some minor details to settle in the new funding model.

"And as we do that we'll move to the next stage which will be intense negotiations with the states," he told ABC Radio.

"And I think it's absolutely incumbent on any government, and certainly on a minister, to make sure those details are absolutely finalised properly."

But Mr Garrett's comments come after Queensland Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek hit out at the lack of detail about how the Commonwealth's plan would affect the Sunshine State.

MR Langbroek said the past 18 months of negotiations were Chinese water torture, and most people still didn't know what they were talking about

He told ABC he saw merit in considering a similar approach to Victoria, but did not go into detail about how they.

The school funding reforms will likely be on the table at coming Council of Australian Government's meetings in April, at the Prime Minister's discretion.