kate ritchie stuart webb defcon
kate ritchie stuart webb defcon

Star’s husband had ‘bloodshot eyes and smelled of booze’

GOLD Logie winner Kate Ritche's husband Stuart Webb has been ordered to have an alcohol interlock fitted to his car for two years after he was caught drunk behind the wheel for the fifth time.

The former Sydney Roosters and St George Dragons player appeared on Wednesday in Waverley Local Court where Magistrate Michael Crompton adjusted his interlock order to two years after he was incorrectly sentenced to have the device fitted for one year.

Webb, 39, was charged with mid-range drink driving after blowing 0.083 when police pulled him over smelling of booze and with "glazed and bloodshot" eyes in Randwick on March 26.

Police say in Court documents that Webb is a "repeat" drink driving offender, with the incident in Randwick marking his fifth offence behind the wheel since 1999.


Stuart Webb leaving Waverley Court today. Picture: Richard Dobson
Stuart Webb leaving Waverley Court today. Picture: Richard Dobson


In court, Webb's lawyers said he was incorrectly banned from driving for five months and ordered to have the interlock for 12 months when he should have been banned from driving for six months and had an interlock for two years.

Mr Crompton adjusted the sentence, saying "I'll change the order".

Webb drove himself to court on Wednesday having already served the disqualification period because it came into effect on March 26.

It comes after he agreed to a one-year apprehended violence order taken against him by NSW Police to protect Ritchie, 41, and he was banned from approaching her for 12 hours after drinking or taking drugs.


Police took out an AVO to protect Kate Ritchie. Picture: Dylan Robinson
Police took out an AVO to protect Kate Ritchie. Picture: Dylan Robinson


The high profile couple's relationship has been under strain this year after Webb was charged over the Randwick incident.

No charges had been laid against Webb over his relationship with Ritchie, who he shares a four-year-old daughter with.

Police are still investigating "an incident at a home in Randwick" involving the ex-TV soap star on October 17.

Ritchie, who won two Gold Logie Awards for her role on hit TV series Home And Away, told The Daily Telegraph last month she was looking forward to taking some time off over the Christmas break.

"(I'm) very ready for a holiday and I don't think I'm alone there. I think everyone is in the same boat at this time," she said.

"Once I finish work I'll probably be the busiest I've been all year trying to get organised for Christmas but I think everyone feels that way at this time of year.