Tom Brady immediately regretted those off-season indulgences.
Tom Brady immediately regretted those off-season indulgences.

Star’s excruciating wardrobe malfunction

WITH each shank from the club head of Tom Brady, the highly anticipated showdown between legends Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning and the new Tampa Bay quarterback seemed less like a charity golf event and more like slapstick comedy.

Brady endured a nightmare time at the Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, as he turned Capitol One's The Match: Champions for Charity into some sort of meme-generating machine.

The former New England patriots champion was all over the place.

His only saving grace is that he wasn't alone.

Unfortunately, none of his superstar colleagues were in the same stratosphere of horrible golf as what Brady stumbled into.

After being psyched out by Manning in the warm-ups and being brutally sledged on social media by an NFL coach as his swing dissolved around him, Brady's day reached its low point on the front nine as he went to retrieve his ball from the bottom of the cup.

His lowest of lows came right at the time the 42-year-old should have been celebrating his most euphoric moment in golf after landing a stunning birdie on the Par 5, seventh hole, when he dropped in his approach shot from more than 140m away.

Tom Brady is not an elite golfer.
Tom Brady is not an elite golfer.

The sweet approach landed at the back of the green and rolled back into the hole to leave the entire audience stunned.

It was particularly stunning, given Brady had been sending his ball in all kinds of hazardous directions up to that point, finding everything other than the fairway.

After slotting the shot of the day, Brady turned around and sledged NBA legend Charles Barkley and was all excited as he approached the green to enjoy the sweet moment of retrieving the ball from the cup.

However, he might have enjoyed the moment a bit too much with the live TV broadcast capturing the moment the NFL GOAT's pants split right down the middle of his backside as he leaned over to grab his ball.

The embarrassing wardrobe malfunction revealed Brady's shiny underwear and left him needing to change his strides before the eighth hole.

Tom Brady immediately regretted those off-season indulgences.
Tom Brady immediately regretted those off-season indulgences.

It was a public relations disaster for Brady and apparel manufacturer Under Armour - a company that Brady has a significant share portfolio with as well as a lucrative ambassadorial position.

It could have been a proud moment for the company to show off its golf range - it instead looked like an ad designed to turn customers towards apparel rival Nike.

Brady famously jumped ship from Nike to Under Armour in 2010 - helping him towards his reported net worth of $275 million ($US180M).

In endorsement deals alone, Brady is reported to have earned $US14 million in 2019.

None of that seemed to matter when he became the butt of every joke on social media, however.

Brady told the live broadcast after his change of threads that he actually split the pants during his triumphant approach shot, but only realised the malfunction when he showed off his underwear to the rest of the world on the green.

"I split my pants," Brady said.

"There was so much torque in that swing."

Brady wasn't the only one to suffer a wardrobe malfunction on Monday. Manning started so poorly off the first tee with a stroke that went deep into the shrubbery that he immediately changed hats in an attempt to summon better fortune.

Woods was also mocked for sporting shorts that appeared too baggy for the 44-year-old.

But it was Brady who most looked like the rest of us.

As the weakest link in Monday's event, the six-time Super Bowl champion displayed none of the confidence, that produced the greatest career in NFL history, flubbing multiple shots amid mounting frustration.

The showdown is hoping to raise at least $10 million in the fight against coronavirus.

In addition to the relatable scene of the seemingly ageless, 42-year-old Brady mentally back-tracking to count his numerous shots on one hole, the new Buccaneers quarterback was also caught on camera cursing after one of his off-target shots.

"I'm liking this Florida @TomBrady now," tweeted Saints head coach Sean Payton who clearly enjoyed the sight of Brady looking the exact opposite of an elite athlete.

For one afternoon, Brady, who had one chip travel just a few feet and also appeared reluctant to use his driver after several poor swings, was just another struggling golfer.

Brady will at least be able to sleep tonight knowing he got to rub his sweet approach straight into the face of Barkley.

"Take a suck of that Chuck," a smiling Brady told Barkley after the shot went down.

Yes, Tom Brady still relatable even after an insane shot.