UNIQUE: Sandra Moffatt, founder of StandInBaby, the world's first fully articulated, lifelike, newborn model.
UNIQUE: Sandra Moffatt, founder of StandInBaby, the world's first fully articulated, lifelike, newborn model. Cordell Richardson

Home-based business booming after $200K Sharktank deal

SINCE their $200,000 Sharktank deal in May last year the founders of Stand In Baby are still working from home.

Co-founder Sandra Moffatt said while the business was still home-based they ship the SIBs world-wide.

After Sharktank aired it was revealed Stand In Baby (SIB) had more than $1million in sales and were selling the product to 91 countries.

"We're now linked to a training provider in Brisbane and selling into hospitals and now have re-sellers overseas," Mrs Moffatt said.

Now the couple are selling more SIBs into the medical industry but they are limited to how many SIBs they can store at their home.

The newborn photographers started SIB in their Springfield Lakes home in 2016 after a successful crowd funding campaign raised $240,000.

It took a year to manufacture the SIBs and they got their hands on the first one in 2017.

They had pre-sold half of that first 1000 SIB order as part of the campaign.

After a whirlwind 2017 the Moffatts continued to expand their sales in 2018 and successfully landed an investment deal with Sharktank's Andrew Banks and Glen Richards for $100,000 and a 10 per cent stake each.

They are now looking at a deal that would see them warehouse the SIBs in the country of manufacture and ship from there.

The business which started as a way for newborn baby photographers to practice safely had has huge success in the US.

"Our biggest market is the US."

"Photographers have really embraced it. What can go wrong is positional asphyxiation, photographers need to know how to position babies."

Mrs Moffatt said newborn photography was the second largest growing industry for photographers second only to weddings.

"You don't want to be practising on real babies," she told the QT previously.

"We were newborn photographers at home for 10 years."

The Moffatts now work with one other employee at their home.

They have two sons, aged 15 and 12.

"We've always owned our own businesses, they have grown up with that, before photography we ran a driving school."

They sold the driving school and started newborn photography setting up a studio at their home.

Now that studio is full of SIBs.

"My son who is 15 is starting his own business right now, speaking with manufacturers overseas."