CAUSE FOR CONCERN: Jordon Burchmann leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to unlawful stalking.
CAUSE FOR CONCERN: Jordon Burchmann leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to unlawful stalking. Ross Irby

Stalker's target feared for her safety

SHE was the girl next door who became the reluctant target of a young man's desires.

An Ipswich court has heard how Jordon Burchmann sent the woman bunches of roses, messages, and song lyrics, in an effort to win her over that dragged on for months after the woman turned him down.

The target of Burchmann's advances became worried to leave her family home out of fear that he was watching her.

This week Jordon Lyle Burchmann, 23, a diesel fitter from Rosewood, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to unlawful stalking of a young woman between February and September.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said the victim's house was directly opposite Burchmann's and on February 7 she received a letter saying: "Hi my name is Jordon. I live across the road would you like to go out with me".

She sent him a text saying no.

He replied saying: "All good. Catch you."

Sgt Caldwell said it was during the Easter holidays that the woman saw Burchmann get into his sliver Holden Commodore and follow her.

She told police he drove at speed, overtaking her with rapid acceleration, followed by braking.

The court heard Burchmann was yelling at her when stopped beside her at traffic lights, then threw his arms in the air before driving off.

On May 5, Burchmann sent her the song lyrics of Chasing Cars by the Northern Ireland band Snow Patrol.

Then on June 3 he sent her a text saying that she was scared, and sent her a bouquet of roses.

She again sent him a message asking him to stop contacting her.

On August 8 he asked her to visit Southbank with him, and on June 11 and June 25 Burchmann again sent her bouquets of roses with cards.

He sent her more texts in September, with the woman later telling police that she was fearful to go outside her house.

She received two more bouquets of roses.

On October 11 he left his motorcycle goggles, cash, Oakley sunglasses, a jacket, and hand-picked flowers on her car. Defence lawyer Thirushka Naidoo said Burchmann was embarrassed by his actions.

Ms Naidoo said there was no need for the court to make a restraining order as he was moving to Mackay this month to work in the mines.

Ms Sturgess said Burchmann seemed to need some education about appropriate relationships.

"It is very concerning conduct by you Mr Burchmann. You really should understand women are entitled to decline a relationship with you," she said.

"You made her feel trapped in her own home."

Ms Sturgess sentenced Burchmann to 18 months of supervised probation, with an order that he must attend counselling.