Christian calls for 'respect' in wake of SSM result

FEDERAL MP Shayne Neumann has called for acceptance and respect from Ipswich residents regarding the outcome of the SSM survey.

In Mr Neumann's electorate of Blair, 40% of people voted "No" in the national poll on marriage equality.

Across the nation, 61% of Australians who participated voted "Yes".

Mr Neumann, a practising Christian, says those who voted "No" should respect the outcome, but at the same time those people should not be ridiculed or criticised for their views.

"This is a momentous day for Australia, it's a great day for love," Mr Neumann said.

He said he had expected a lower result for the "Yes" vote and was delighted to see it hit 60% in his electorate.

"People need to respect the outcome. We should not engage in any enmity or hostility to those who voted 'No'," Mr Neumann said.

"We need to be respectful of people's religious views."

He said the voting outcome should be legislated as soon as possible. 


LISTEN: Federal MP Shayne Neumann on SSM result in Blair


Here's how Ipswich regions voted in SSM survey

THE results of the SSM survey have been revealed with 61% of Australians who participated supporting the move towards equal rights.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has also published the results by federal electorate and it shows opinion was divided across regional areas. 

The federal electorate covering Toowoomba, Groom, voted "No" at 50.8% versus 49.2% who voted "Yes".

In Ipswich, the majority of residents in all three federal electorates voted "yes", although it was close in the electorate furthest south called Wright, which covers the Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Scenic Rim Regional and parts of Logan City and Gold Coast City Councils.

In Wright 56.8% of the electorate (47,109 people) voted "Yes". 43.2% (35,812 people) voted "No".

Blair is the electorate covering most of Ipswich, and of the 78,627 people who voted in the poll, 47,194 voted "Yes". 


In Oxley, the results were similar with a slightly higher percentage of people voting "Yes". 




Some stats from across the country

Of the eligible Australians who voted, 61.6 per cent (7,817,247) voted Yes to changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry.



All states and territories returned a majority Yes result. In NSW, 58 per cent voted Yes. In Queensland, 61 per cent voted Yes. In South Australia it was 62 per cent, Victoria returned a 65 per cent Yes vote, Western Australia returned a 64 per cent Yes vote and Tasmania returned a 64 per cent Yes vote.

In the ACT, 74 per cent voted Yes, and in the Northern Territory 61 per cent voted Yes.

The ABS has released a breakdown of votes by electorate.

Perhaps the most interesting of these results is in former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's seat of Warringah, where 75 per cent voted Yes.

Mr Abbott, who led a fierce No campaign, had earlier said a No vote of 40 per cent would be a "moral victory".

The No vote didn't quite get there. Only 38 per cent of respondents voted No.