KEYNOTE: Bob Sharpless from Springfield City Group.
KEYNOTE: Bob Sharpless from Springfield City Group. Rob Williams

Springfield boss reveals secret to securing infrastructure

A SPIRIT of "serial entrepreneurship" has delivered Greater Springfield the major projects other parts of Queensland could only dream of, Bob Sharpless has declared.

The Springfield City Group deputy chairman spoke this week of the plans he and chairman Maha Sinnathamby had to deliver Springfield.

"From an early time, we had an aspiration to do something here that was so much bigger than anyone else could see," Mr Sharpless said.

"The role of the master developer is absolutely paramount to delivering these outcomes and we have always tried to deliver facilities here that were higher than what people expected and higher than the local standards."

Mr Sharpless spoke about the effect Greater Springfield had on the growth of Ipswich, with Greater Springfield contributing two out of three new residents to the area since 1991.

The Springfield Rail project, the Centenary Motorway and the Brookwater Golf Course were also what Mr Sharpless described as major game-changers for the area, but which were initially met with resistance.

"The private investment in public infrastructure and Springfield would not be what it is today if we had not taken that on," he said.

"I want to highlight that these things take a long time and another project that hasn't happened yet but will have a very significant impact on this community is The Reserve at Springfield for the Brisbane Lions.

"Almost 10 years ago, the AFL approached us to see if we would consider designing into our project AFL facilities and the opportunity now to have a sporting team in your community that plays in the biggest national competition in the country is massive.

"We are serial entrepreneurs and there is a history of innovation in this organisation that I have not observed anywhere else."