Rob Wright gets stuck into Kelsey Browne
Rob Wright gets stuck into Kelsey Browne

‘Spray for the ages’: On-air netball grilling

Collingwood put up a fight in the final quarter, but the result was beyond doubt as the Giants dominated the early going before securing the 63-56 victory.

The win lifts the Giants into fourth spot above the Magpies on the ladder with four rounds to play in the regular season.

But it was a moment captured on camera that stole the limelight away from the contest.

The Magpies fell apart in the second quarter as the Giants took complete control of the game and the frustration was evident for all to see inside the Magpies' camp.

A terse exchange between coach Rob Wright and Diamonds midcourter Kelsey Browne was captured on Channel 9's cameras and left former Australian captain Liz Ellis stunned.

As Wright began to explain to Browne how she should be mixing up her play on the court, she asked for some positive feedback instead of the grilling. The mood quickly changed.

"How about doing some? Because to me at the moment you're not," he fired back. "I can't give you a positive when you're not doing it."

"I don't need this attitude from you," Wright proclaimed before taking her out of the game.

The brutal grilling divided opinion on social media with many slamming Wright for his stance while others backed in the coach.

"That was a fascinating. My goodness if you want to think about tough love," Liz Ellis said in commentary.

"Kelsey asked for something positive and he said I can't give you any. I suspect there will be some hard conversations going on the bench."

The camera continued to pan to the two sitting side-by-side on the bench as the game got back underway as the conversation continued.

Wright then got back in front of the camera only moments later and addressed the spray.

"If I had my time again, we would not have that on camera but unfortunately there's mics there so I probably could have done that better," Wright said.

Ellis was full of praise for the coach and for addressing the issue in such an honest manner.

"He's trying to coach a game and he's had a bit of time reflecting on it and admitted he could have handled it better," she said.

"It's also an insight into what toll a World Cup can have coming back into this sort of environment on a player.

"Kelsey Browne feeling a bit emotional and needing some positives but it also gives an insight into the pressure these coaches are under."

Fellow commentator Sue Gaudion addressed the issue following the game and like Ellis, praised Wright's reaction.

Just my 2 cents worth. Firstly great TV 😜. Ok Rob was giving constructive feedback to Kels, personally I thought the...

Posted by Sue Gaudion on Saturday, 27 July 2019

The Giants drove home their advantage in the third quarter, outscoring Collingwood 18-11 to put the result beyond doubt.

The Magpies won the fourth quarter 22-11 to claim the final bonus point, with goaler Shimona Nelson finishing with 40 goals from 46 attempts.

Collingwood's Ash Brazill made a rare start at centre in her 100th national league game before shifting back to wing defence in the second quarter.

The Giants can consolidate their place in the top four when they host the bottom-placed Queensland next Sunday while the Magpies face a crucial away clash with the Adelaide Thunderbirds.

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