Sportsbet skips the vote, calls election, pays punters now

FACED with overwhelming odds in favour of a coalition victory in the state election on Saturday, betting agency Sportsbet has decided to bypass the actual voting and call the election result now.

The agency says it is so confident of the Baird government being returned at Saturday's election, it has decided to just go ahead and start paying out bets made for the coalition.

The agency, which has the odds of the Baird government being returned at $1.05 compared to $9.50 for a Labor win, says it has already paid out more than $50,000 to punters who put their money behind the Liberal/National coalition for the poll.


"If you backed the Coalition you can spend your winnings before a sausage sizzle is turned on Saturday," Will Byrne of sportsbet was quoted saying in a statement from the agency.

"If you've backed Labor and we get this one drastically wrong, you will still get paid out should Labor shock the State."

Despite having called the election and paid out winnings, the agency says it is still taking bets on the outcome of the poll.