Ipswich Jets captain Dane Phillips and front rower Billy McConnachie with new sponsors from 13004Gardening Joel Farmer and Jeff Lituri.
Ipswich Jets captain Dane Phillips and front rower Billy McConnachie with new sponsors from 13004Gardening Joel Farmer and Jeff Lituri. David Nielsen

Sponsors jump on deck for Ipswich Jets

THE Ipswich community have come out in force to support their premier rugby league club.

At their season launch last month, the Ipswich Jets auctioned off their jersey numbers to the public. With the chance of seeing their business flash across the newly built screen at North Ipswich Reserve, the Jets' lethal backline were the night's hot property.

Kyle Vince from Vince Insurance is confident in a few tries to the Jets fullback Wes Conlon, while Sekisuki House, Andrew McClure Mechanical and former Jets CEO Wayne Wendt have backed the Ipswich speedsters Michael Purcell, Marion Seve, Nemani Valekapa and Ben White to produce the goods.

Steve Mallet from Choices by Mallet sponsored the most players with four picks (8, 10, 16 and 17), while the Jets own gate-keeper Dot Landy threw her support behind PNG powerhouse Sebastian Pandia in jersey number 15.

Under Ipswich co-coaches Ben and Shane Walker you never know which player will come out in which jersey so there could be tries coming from any direction over the course of the season.

Phone a friend

ANOTHER new business to come on board is Joel Farmer from 1300 4 Gardening.

At the Jets first home game on Sunday, Farmer sponsored the Kick for Project Alf promotion which raised $800 to help support Ipswich junior development.

With the business based in Sumner Park, the father of two Ipswich Grammar students said he was delighted to be on board with the Jets this year.

"We really wanted to connect with the Ipswich population and let people know we are here,” he said.

"I've been around the club and Llewellyn Motors for a few years now and it just seemed like a good fit.”

"Everyone is all going for this team and they have a great reputation in the wider community.”

It's not the first time Farmer has jumped at the chance to support an Ipswich identity.

With his kids at school, he donated some tress to be planted in front of the prep room on the Ipswich Grammar School grounds.

Formerly known as Hedge Trimmers, the company has been around since 1999 and looks after a number of clients across Ipswich.

Looking after government and defence housing all the way up to Cairns, 1300 4 Gardening services all commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Ipswich Jets jersey sponsors for 2017:

1. Vince Insurance; 2. Sekisuki House; 3. Wayne Wendt; 4. Andrew McClure Mechanical; 5. Harvest Markets; 6. Savco; 7. Andrew Antonilli; 8. Choices by Mallet; 9. Vince Insurance; 10. Choices by Mallet; 11. Farman; 12. Jim Madden; 13. Kerry Silver; 14. Adrian Parmetey; 15. Dot Landy; 16. Choices by Mallett; 17. Choices by Mallett.