Marvel's Spider-Man is out now and exclusive for Playstation 4
Marvel's Spider-Man is out now and exclusive for Playstation 4

Spider-Man Playstation 4 review: King of the web

Review: Spider-Man for Playstation 4

IF there is one superhero that demands a defining, awesome game, it is Stan Lee's Marvel creation Spider-Man.

Over the years there have been many attempts which always left fans wanting more. Insomniac, the creators of Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, Spyro the Dragon and the Infamous series, have taken on the challenge to give fans the game they've always wanted. After spending an entire weekend playing the red-suited webslinger, you can bet your bottom dollar that Insomniac has delivered in spades.

Thankfully, all the origins about how Peter Parker became Spider-Man are ignored, because after appearances on the big screen in no less than eight movies means that if you don't know the story by now than chances are Spidey isn't your bag baby.

Marvel's Spider-Man is out now and exclusive for Playstation 4
Marvel's Spider-Man is out now and exclusive for Playstation 4

Straight away you are thrown into swinging your way through New York as you take the controls of Spider-Man. Making your way through the iconic, detailed city is easy to come to grips with, and within minutes you're swinging your way across a living, breathing Manhattan.

Here you'll find lots of main missions, side missions and an open world city that is full of collectables, upgrades, crimes on every corner to be stopped, and bosses to take down.

Over the course of the 15-20 hour campaign depending on your difficulty, you'll take down all forms of criminals who may be robbing a bank, a store, attempting a kidnapping or simply cleaning up a hideout.

While together all these side missions add about another seven or eight hours to the campaign, it never feels dull due to the combat, which is exceptional.

The one word that springs to mind is 'smooth'. Spider-Man attacks from all angles, and adding combos, web shots, gadgets, upgrades, power hits, wall attacks, stealth and suit powers, fighting a heap of bad guys is always inventive, fluid and rewarding.

The skill tree, along with lots of suits, all with their own upgrades means you can play in one of dozens of looks and styles.

If you've played any of the Batman Arkham games then you'll appreciate how much of an influence it has had on the combat in Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man is out now and exclusive for Playstation 4
Marvel's Spider-Man is out now and exclusive for Playstation 4

Along with taking out criminals you'll be doing puzzles in a lab for extra XP, collecting backpacks across the city, and turning on surveillance cameras spread over Manhattan which reveal lots more things to focus on.

There are over 40 main missions in the campaign, and as you rack up your experience, it's one of the those games that you will find yourself saying, 'I'll just do one more' as there is so much to do in this amazing, open world that looks and feels like the real thing. New York has never looked better and also never appeared so alive.

Completionists will find plenty to do with around 32 hours of content and collectibles, plus with a season pass also available, there will be many an hour spent between now and Christmas with extra content coming out in October, November and December.

If there is any downside to the game, it is that many of the crime busts are quite repetitive, but you overlook that when you stretch several combos together and you're simply having too much fun to notice.

With so many big games coming out between now and the end of the year, this is one that hasn't had the publicity of Battlefield V or Red Dead Redemption 2, but don't let it slip under your radar.

Spider-Man offers hours of fun, lots of exploration and the feeling that you truly are a superhero. There's something magical about swinging around New York, approaching Avengers Tower while the Avengers theme plays at full volume in the background.

As far as superhero games go, this is the biggest step forward since the Batman Arkham series hit shelves. This is the Spider-Man game we've all been waiting for, and I'm still loving every minute of it. Spider-Man is a five star game that raises the bar for superhero games in the future.

Game: Marvel's Spider-Man   Console: Playstation 4    Developer: Insomniac    Rating: M   Cost: $99.95 RRP   Verdict: 5/5 stars