SUCH A TRAGEDY: The Ute involved in the fatal crash on the Bruce Hwy at Glenorchy, about 10km south of Maryborough.
SUCH A TRAGEDY: The Ute involved in the fatal crash on the Bruce Hwy at Glenorchy, about 10km south of Maryborough. Carlie Walker

Son shares message on second anniversary of dad's death

AFTER losing his father and stepmother in a horrific car crash two years ago today, John Penttila has one message for drivers: take your time, it's not worth the rush.

During the September school holiday period, the State Government is imploring Queensland drivers to take more care and drive responsibly.

Police hope drivers can avoid tragedies such as the death of John's father Esko Penttila and his partner Aini Martikainen, who were killed when their station wagon was hit from behind by another car as they attempted to turn onto Old Gympie Rd from the Bruce Hwy at Owanyilla on September 25, 2013.

On such a sad anniversary for Mr Penttila, he said drivers today were too focused on arriving somewhere as soon as possible, and were taking their lives in their hands every time they went over the speed limit to save a few extra minutes.

"People think if you don't get somewhere in a set amount of time that you're weak and so people just speed to make up time," Mr Penttila said.

"But it's so dangerous and never worth it."

He said he felt there was a psychology branded into drivers that arriving on time was worth the risks.

"That's the killer - everybody wants to make it there in time, you're going to try and make it or beat it," he said.

But these school holidays have already ended in tragedy on state roads, including a fatal motorcycle crash in Bundaberg on Sunday.

Minister for Road Safety Mark Bailey has urged families to stay safe while driving after such a horrific weekend.

"I urge all motorists to obey speed limits, drive to the conditions and keep your eyes firmly fixed on the road," Mr Bailey said.

"It's been another tragic start to a holiday period with six people losing their lives on our roads over the weekend; it's just not good enough.

"My heart goes out to all the families involved and it's just the worst possible start to what should be a fun holiday period for so many families."

Road fatalities

On Queensland roads so far this year, there have been 169 fatalities, seven more than the same period in 2014.