Ellen Taylor-Byrne and Kate Springfield brave the freezing temperatures for Parkrun.
Ellen Taylor-Byrne and Kate Springfield brave the freezing temperatures for Parkrun. Ellen Ransley

Southwest shivers through first day of winter

WINTER has well and truly arrived in the southwest, with some towns in the southwest shivering their way through sub-zero temperatures this morning.

At 5am, Roma recorded a temperature of -0.7°, although the apparent temperature was a much cooler -3.3°, well below the average June minimum of 5.3°.

That didn't stop Parkrunners Ellen Taylor-Byrne and Kate Springfield, who were up with the sun to run their weekly five kilometre course.

"This is my fourth Parkrun, and it's the coldest I've ever run in," Miss Taylor-Byrne said.

"You could definitely feel the cold, it was a huge temperature drop compared to last week.

"I think the weather might have turned me off running if I didn't have my running buddy to do it with. Would have been much easier to stay in bed otherwise."

Miss Springfield said having a running buddy kept her accountable, but that didn't mean it wasn't a tough course.

"The first kilometre was the hardest by far. No matter what I did, I couldn't warm up my hands and at the start it even hurt to breathe because the air was so cold," she said.

"The only way to keep warm was to run faster, and honestly I felt like it was my best run for a while because all I wanted to do was warm up. Plus, the supportive environment makes it ten times easier to run, everyone would give me a cheer or an encouraging smile.

"There's no way I could have gotten out of bed this morning without Ellen, she keeps me accountable. Plus, we got coffee and breakfast after which makes it all worth it."

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting maximum temperatures of 19° in Roma today and tomorrow, with the mercury set to struggle to get above 15° on Tuesday. Minimum temperatures will drop back to 0° on Wednesday.

The coldest June temperature recorded in Roma was -4.5° on June 4, 2015.

In St George, June began with a brisk 1.4° at 7.30am, with an apparent temperature of -2.4°. It's set to stay chilly throughout the week, with rain forecast for tomorrow and a top of just 18°.

In Charleville, it was coldest this morning at 4.30 am, when the thermometer hit 1.4°, although it felt like -2.7° according to the Bureau.

On Tuesday, the maximum forecast is just 15°.