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Woman fined for throwing glass at police, injuring paramedic

A WOMAN threw a drinking glass filled with clear liquid at a police officer.

The glass broke and the shards hit a paramedic in the face.

The Mackay Magistrates Court was told that the police officer and the paramedic were not physically injured by the assault. Magistrate Damien Dwyer said Jodie Maree Lawson's behaviour was not acceptable.

Officers had attended the 44-year-old's South Mackay residence on July 8 in relation to another incident.

Lawson raised her wooden cane and swung it at officers while making abusing remarks.

When that cane was taken away she grabbed a second cane, prosecutor Michael Ball said. She continued to abuse police and threw the glass at a Mackay District Police Constable, the court was told. When the glass smashed shards struck the paramedic, who was also in attendance, in the face, Mr Ball said.

Legal Aid Solicitor Kristie Doyle said her client suffered from "significant health problems" and also had significant physical issues.

She's experience ongoing pain since being in a car crash in the last few years and had limited mobility.

Ms Doyle said her client's threat of harm was limited due to her mobility.

Lawson had herself been the victim of a significant assault on Christmas Eve last year, which resulted in her being in a coma and was in the intensive care unit for two days, Ms Doyle said.

Lawson pleaded guilty to one count of assaulting a police officer in performance of duties. Mr Dwyer said this behaviour was not "out of character" as Lawson had priors for violence before and after the car crash.

It's "simply not on", Mr Dwyer said. Lawson was fined $400 and a conviction was recorded.