Jim Robertson always gave a warm welcome to Mundubbera Showgoers.
Jim Robertson always gave a warm welcome to Mundubbera Showgoers. Shirley Way

Son pays tribute to dad killed at weekend fundraiser

TRIBUTES for a Mundubbera man described as being as country as country comes and a grazier who thought of others first and could talk all day, have poured in following a fatal crash at the weekend.

Attending a fundraiser at the South Kolan Hotel on Saturday, 79-year old James Robertson, known affectionately as Jim, had donated $1000 to help the Lukan family just 15 minutes before he was struck outside the hotel shortly before 4pm.

Despite the extensive efforts of hotel patrons who performed CPR before paramedics arrived, Mr Robertson couldn't be saved and died at the scene.

Mr Robertson's son, also named James Robertson, runs Kowboy Kaos Party Entertainment and had donated the ride equipment for the family fun day.

He said his father came to show his support and meet Senior Constable Dan Lukan.

"It's still a shock to me because dad was 79 years of age, he has battled cancer for quite a few years now and going by getting hit by a car is just tragic," he said.

"Dan had never met my mother or father but Dan got to meet them and I know my dad was telling people he was so proud of me.

"It's funny because I'm 40 years of age and I've never heard my dad say that to me or anything like that because

we're country blokes and country blokes don't tell county blokes they like them.

"He was just telling people he was very impressed with me starting this party entertainment business just out of the blue and doing what I did for Dan."

Mr Robertson said hotel staff, event goers and patrons ran to assist his dad and he would be forever grateful to those who helped.

"There was no asking, people just did what had to be done, there were people walking up the road and stopping traffic, it was amazing," he said.

"I can't say in words how much I appreciate what people there did.

"People started mouth-to-mouth. Everyone just stepped in."

Mr Robertson said he believed Saturday's crash was an accident and doesn't blame the driver.

"In my eyes it was an accident, I did see the driver and she looked traumatised, she's going to have that on her mind for the rest of her life," he said.

"I don't blame her and at some stage I would like to be able to meet her and let her know there aren't any bad feelings."

South Kolan Hotel owner Jo Duffy said the community was in shock and struggling to understand why such a wonderful day had ended so tragically.

"It was a happy day, Jim was so happy, so happy," she said.

"Jim was here with his family, they travelled to be here because they wanted to be here. It's just what he was like; the whole family was like that."

Mrs Duffy said Mr Robertson was taking his granddaughter to the beach when he was hit while trying to cross the Bundaberg-Gin Gin Rd.

"It had been a great day, we were standing there and Jim was giving us the cheque and then 15 minutes later he was gone," she said.

"All I heard was a bang; I'll never forget that noise."