Explosions mystery: Bird-scaring device the main culprit

A BIRD scaring device used by landowners in the Bellbowrie area is likely the source of the mystery explosions that had Ipswich eastern suburbs residents in shock on Friday.

Multiple reports of regular explosions every 15 minutes were being made by Goodna residents but the exact source of them remains a mystery.

Goodna police have conducted patrols and deemed the noises were coming from the Bellbowrie area.

They spoke to staff from Wolston Park Golf Course and they believed it was a bird scaring device, or something similar, as it has been heard previously coming from the same direction.

Mount Ommaney Police are also aware of the noises and are investigating. It could be a landowner with a small fruit plantation using a firing device to go off at regular intervals

Three Goodna residents had earlier suggested to Cr Paul Tully that the explosions were coming from the former Wolston Park facility at Wacol.

"I have had multiple reports of explosions every 15 minutes this morning that are coming from across Woogaroo Creek in the Wacol area, so I am heading down there now," Cr Tully said on Friday morning.

"One guy complained that his dog got so frightened that it tried to escape and got its head stuck in a fence. I contacted Goodna police to try to locate the source of the mystery explosions."

Last time the QT had similar reports it was determined the noises were coming from a police bomb squad exercise at a quarry at New Chum. But Ipswich police are contacted when that is to occur and there had been no notification on this occasion.

On Sunday, Cr Tully said he was hopeful the source of the explosions could be determined.

"They probably don't realise they are affecting hundreds of people on the other side of the river," he said.

"The main thing is try and track them down and stop it because it is upsetting people including shift workers. Animals are getting frightened.

"We just need some co-operation and hopefully we can track the person down."