The letter Ms Collier received from an anonymous neighbour.
The letter Ms Collier received from an anonymous neighbour.

Sour note: Neighbour unleashes over teen’s noise

AN Arana Hills mother has been stunned by an anonymous note from a neighbour who had complained to police about her son practising the tuba.

Anne-Maree Collier was furious about the note that was left in her letterbox.

"I can't listen to any more of that very loud 'musical' practice. I rang the police, they said talk to you first, and if that doesn't fix the problem, ring them again and they will come out," the note said.

"Sometimes it is not as loud as other times when it sounds like it is in the same room with me. Can you take care of it? Thank you so much."

Ms Collier said her 15-year-old son normally did his tuba practice at school, but had been doing it at home while he was home schooling.

She said he played tuba in the Queensland Youth Orchestra's wind ensemble, and plays in four ensembles at school as well as a local community band.

Ms Collier said she didn't know who had written the note, so put a message on Facebook in the hope it would reach the writer.

"He wants to become a musician. I apologise that his practice is annoying you but suggest you get some earplugs because I will most definitely not tell him to stop practising. What the hell is wrong with you?" she said.

"Please do call the police and (hopefully) they will tell you to pull your head in also."

The letter Ms Collier received from an anonymous neighbour.
The letter Ms Collier received from an anonymous neighbour.

Since then, Ms Collier said she also heard someone yelling at 2pm last week that they would call the police as her son again practised the tuba.

She said her son generally practised between 8am and 9am, and no-one had ever complained to them before.

"If it had've been a bad time for whoever complained, we would've changed the time," she said.

"But the letter was really rude, there was no negotiation. He also played the trombone for Anzac morning and got a lot of thank yous. We've never had any issues before."

Ms Collier said she wanted to respect her neighbours wishes, but felt the criticism was unfair.

"He can be practising upstairs and I'll be downstairs with the telly on and I don't even need to turn it up. It's not that loud," she said.

"It is repetitive, I have to say that. Because when they're practising, they're not going through full songs. And he's a tuba player, so they don't very often get the melody."

"I know I'm a biased parent, but it's my favourite thing in the whole world listening to my kids learn music," Ms Collier said.

"You don't know what position people are in and why they might be feeling like that, but it's a bit of intolerance when the world is trying to be more tolerant."

Originally published as Sour note: Neighbour unleashes over teen's practice