EXTREME: Des from Barritt's Butchery wants police and the government to do more to stop trespassers.
EXTREME: Des from Barritt's Butchery wants police and the government to do more to stop trespassers. Tahlia Stehbens

'Someone is going to die': Bundy butcher on vegan activism

EVERYONE has an opinion, but when ideals are forced on others, cracks begin to show.

Barritt's Butchery owner Des Barritt said while he respects vegans, he doesn't think the passionate activists should be interfering with people's businesses.

"Everyone's entitled to their opinion but they shouldn't be forcing their beliefs on other people," Mr Barritt said.

"Especially when they're interfering with people's livelihood.

"A lot of those businesses are family owned and run. All these farms being targeted are small, independent people just trying to make a living. It's been tough enough out there for the past seven years with the drought."

Mr Barritt described the lengths the protesters had gone to as "downright stupidity".

"Letting animals out, that's just asking for a disaster to happen," he said.

"If someone hit them at 100km... I've seen what a beast can do to a vehicle, they don't budge. Someone's going to die, it's crazy.

"It's sabotage for businesses and these poor farmers that are trying to make a living, it's damaging their businesses."

The butcher believed the government should be doing more to stop the antics.

"They should be charging these people with terrorism," he said.

"They're causing fear. These farmers are just trying to make a living.

"The police should lock them up and put them in jail. They are acting like terrorists."

While Mr Barritt was against the extreme nature of the activists' actions, he wasn't against the idea entirely.

"Sure, protest. But don't enter properties and don't cut fences," he said.

"As far as interfering of a major meat works is concerned... trespassers don't know what germs they carry.

"They're sterilised every day to make sure insecurity standards and products for human consumption are safe to eat. It's food safety and we see people get sick when it's not clean.

"They need to tone it down. I understand they're a minority group and if they want to be a vegan that's fine, but they don't need to force their opinions on to others."