BIG DIP: A depression on Forest Hill-Fernvale Road has been the target of six complaints in the past month.
BIG DIP: A depression on Forest Hill-Fernvale Road has been the target of six complaints in the past month.

‘Somebody will be killed there’: Drivers blast danger road

SHORT term repairs have been planned for what drivers are calling a "sinkhole" on Forest Hill-Fernvale Road - with a permanent fix to follow.

Drivers who travel along Forest Hill-Fernvale Rd, near Lowood, are frustrated with the state of the road, many fearing an accident is just waiting to happen.

A depression in the bitumen has motorists describing it as "poor craftsmanship" while others are calling it a sinkhole.

Leon Harm, of Lowood, said the depression on Forest Hill-Fernvale Road was about a foot deep and stretched across the width of the road, just before Vernor Road.

Driving on the road twice daily to take his grandchildren to and from school, Leon is more than familiar with the dip and has seen near misses on many occasions.

"This bloke in a truck didn't slow down and hit it and bounced up and straight across the road," Leon said.

"Somebody is going to be killed there for sure."

The stretch of road was a 100km/h zone but has been lowered to 40km/hr for the section surrounding the dip.

"It was 100km/h then they dropped it back to 80km/h, then it was 60km/h, now it's 40km/h - next it will be 20km/h," Leon said.

Also a regular user of the road, Debbie Mulder is eager to see the area fixed for good.

"Honestly, I'm surprised nobody has been killed there yet because it's bloody dangerous," Debbie said.

"This isn't just bitumen resealing, this is an actual dip in the road - I guess at some point there is going to be a hole there and someone is going to get really hurt."

She noticed the road had been repaired a couple of years ago, but the repair hadn't lasted long.

"That hole has been like that for a long time now," Debbie said.

"They did repair it one time but it's back to how it was and it's just getting worse and worse."

A Transport and Main Roads spokesman said the area was not a sinkhole but a road depression due to a culvert.

The spokesman said the speed limit had been reduced to account for the dip but long-term repairs for the area would follow.

"Repairs are currently being designed and an estimated cost will be determined when the design is complete," the spokesman said.

"Interim repairs are planned for next week, weather and construction conditions permitting."

The spokesman said TMR had received eight complaints about the area, six of which had come during the past month.