A YOUNG Great Barrier Reef lover wants the world's biggest TV star to help save Australia's  vibrant natural wonder.

Sofia, an 11-year-old Brisbane school student, has pleaded with TV show host Ellen DeGeneres to wade into her fight to save the reef from the impacts of climate change.

DeGeneres is the voice of the titular character in Disney's animated underwater movie Finding Dory.

"I'm asking Ellen to help save our reef - if she's the voice of Dory then she must care about where Dory comes from," Sofia said of her 'Ellen, Dory's Home Is Dying Please Help' petition.

"Ellen talks to zillions of people every day, so I know she can help save the reef, because it's dying and no-one is doing anything about it."

Sofia recently holidayed at the reef with her family.

The devastating impacts of coral bleaching spurred her into action

11 year old wants Ellen DeGeneres to save the Barrier Reef.
11 year old wants Ellen DeGeneres to save the Barrier Reef.

"(The reef) didn't look like it was in your movie," Sofia tells DeGeneres in the petition.

"Lots of parts were white and slimy not colourful.

"Mum and Dad took us to more reef spots until we saw one that looked like Dory's home but it made me sad.

"I don't want the reef to die."

Almost 14,000 people have signed the petition but that number is expected to increase dramatically as Sofia's message spreads across the globe.

"We need grown ups to save the reef so all the fish and turtles will have somewhere to live and so us kids can show our kids one day," Sofia said.

"I learnt that fish don't like living in the Great Barrier Reef anymore because it's too hot.

"They said the coral might be all dead in five years but no one's doing anything about it."

Sofia is not afraid to put her words into action - the youngster recently made fish signs that she held aloft at a Save the Reef rally and a People's Climate March.

Sign the petition here: https://www.communityrun.org/petitions/ellen-dory-s-home-is-dying-please-help