So what have Aussie blokes got hidden in their man caves?

MEN are investing thousands of dollars to transform their sheds and garages into 'man caves', yet more than a quarter (27%) don't have the right insurance to cover their valued possessions.

Woolworths Insurance research has shown that men keep fridges, TVs, tools, golf clubs, BBQs and pool tables in their caves.

"When you add up the cost of a fridge, TV, bicycle, sporting equipment and golf clubs you might be surprised at how much what's in your man cave is worth,'' Chris Cramond, head of Woolworths Insurance said.

"Depending on your insurance policy items stored in man caves may not be covered in your existing home and contents insurance.

Make sure you declare all the items that need to be covered in and outside of the home, to ensure you have the right amount of cover," he said.

The research also found that nearly one fifth (17%) of those surveyed admitted they don't secure their man cave.

"Remember, even with the right home and contents insurance it is important you lock up the man cave so that your insurance remains valid," Mr Cramond said.

While 86 per cent of men surveyed agree it's necessary to have home contents insurance to protect their man cave, 23 per cent "haven't got around" to taking it out and 17 per cent think they're unlikely to need it.

Nearly a quarter (23%) think they don't own anything valuable enough.


1.       A lawn mower - 73%
2.       Gardening equipment - 73%
3.       Tools - 70%
4.       Bicycle - 56%
5.       Golf Clubs - 34%
6.       A fridge - 29%
7.       A BBQ - 19%
8.       TV or stereo - 13%
9.       Snowboard/skis/surfboard - 10%
10.    Pool/snooker/table tennis table - 7%