Members of Ipswich Eight Ball Association
Members of Ipswich Eight Ball Association

Snooker talent to vie for city’s biggest cash prize

QUEENSLAND’S best snooker players have descended on Ipswich Showgrounds in preparation for the city’s largest-ever cash prize tournament.

It comes after Ipswich Eight ball Association revealed in April that it was set to host its first-ever competition as part of the Ipswich Show.

At the time, local talent Chris Hogan revealed a maximum of 64 players would battle it out for the $4000 prize on the show’s final day.

Fortunately, all spots quickly filled – making for a thrilling weekend showcase of the state’s best players.

“It’s been so far so good, the turnout has been fantastic, we got the full draw, the 64 that we wanted,” Mr Hogan said.

“Winners from Saturday’s Round Robin will move on to Sunday for the big competition day.”

Ipswich snooker player Chris Hogan.
Ipswich snooker player Chris Hogan.

“The top players are sort of coasting through at the moment, and then tomorrow we’ll knuckle down.”

The two-day tournament was preceded by a showcasing of junior talent on Friday.

“We’ve got a lot of the juniors from Ipswich that are playing, a lot of the kids here,” Mr Hogan said.

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“Some of the kids are doing really well, young Ariel she’s been going quite well.

“She’s been getting close, not always winning the frame but at least pushing the person she’s playing, she’s not making it easy.”

Some of the youngsters even went on to compete in Saturday’s event against senior players.

Local talent Ariel is one of many juniors taking part in the event.
Local talent Ariel is one of many juniors taking part in the event.

“Generally, juniors wouldn’t face off against senior players, they will a little bit, but they typically play in a different grade,” Mr Hogan said.

“It’s all done on ability, but we do have the coaching, so they get to see a few of the seniors.”

Mr Hogan said he was happy with his performance thus far despite losing to a junior during Saturday’s event.

He said it was too early to predict a frontrunner who was likely to take out the title.

“The ones that should be performing are doing just that at the moment. We’ll see how Sunday goes,” he said.


WHEN: May 15-16 from 10am

WHERE: Ken Roberts Pavilion, Ipswich Showgrounds

COST: Free to watch


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