TIME TO SAY GOODBYE: Barbara Bishop has passed on her business to daughter to Lauren Wallace.
TIME TO SAY GOODBYE: Barbara Bishop has passed on her business to daughter to Lauren Wallace. Rob Williams

Snippetts founder to hand over clippers to daughter

SNIPPETS Pet Grooming has had a change of guard with founder Barbara Bishop handing the keys over to daughter Lauren Wallace.

Mrs Bishop opened the first dog grooming shop in Ipswich more than 35 years ago.

Think pet grooming and most locals would think of Snippets as it has such a significant history in the city.

For Lauren it is a way of life having grown up in the business and always been surrounded by pets. "My sisters and I have always been part of this business since we were children," she said.

"Sister Tamara is now an accredited international master groomer and is in NSW doing coaching, while my other sister, Michelle, is up in the Northern Territory."

Snippets provides grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats.

The dog grooming includes clipping, scissoring, where possible detangling and they also carry out ear and nail maintenance.

The hydro bathing and all services are carried out at their Raceview location.

"We also provide support to owners of show dogs where we train the owner how to handle the dog and what is involved in showing while we provide the grooming that is required to make them ready," Lauren said.

Lauren is no stranger to the show circuit taking out the Poodle Class with her dog at the Brisbane RNA.

"People do not always appreciate all that goes into showing dogs, but the handler needs to know how to have their dog behave in front of other dogs, how to make eye contact with the judges."

Snippets also offer a unique service called Doggie Day Care, established like child care, where you can put your dog into daycare while you work.

"It is a very popular service and we give the dogs a play area, they get to socialise, we take them for walks, it is a very social time."

Snippets, at the corner of Briggs Road and Huxham Street, operates six days a week.