CAMERA HOUSE: The team: Geoff Muir, Emma Thiess, Baily Serre, Tamara Muir and Simone Campbell.
CAMERA HOUSE: The team: Geoff Muir, Emma Thiess, Baily Serre, Tamara Muir and Simone Campbell. Alan Lander

Snap up good advice

IF YOU'RE not technically minded, it can be embarrassing having to ask basic questions about technology.

And it's no different in the world of cameras, which have undergone massive changes in recent years.

But just such an inquiring person is the typical customer at Noosaville's Camera House at Noosa Village, so you won't feel alone.

"Our typical customer is someone who doesn't know much about cameras,” new Camera House owner Geoff Muir said.

"They usually want something better than a phone camera - but not $10,000 of stuff they don't need.”

And while Geoff these days knows a fair bit about cameras, he was just such a customer himself a few years ago, when he was still a Noosa mortgage broker.

"I picked up a camera a couple of years ago,” he said - and that was that.

"We took over this business in February this year.

"We have the same staff, we've given it a fresh coat of paint, and we're trying to bring it back to being a traditional camera store, with an open-plan feel rather than cabinets.”

Geoff's expanding the brand range on sale, too.

"We're picking up Atomos, Rode, which are taking off in the blog world, and different videography stuff,” he said.

"The small camera point-and-shoot market is falling away; people can do that on their phones now.”

Geoff said DSLR technology was slowly giving way to mirrorless equipment - a big move from one of the most traditional systems in cameras - and Sony is leading the charge.

"It's taken a while for the market to wake up to being realistic about this. A lot have stuck to their DLSR but mirrorless is taking off,” he said.

The big brand leaders are all still there.

"Canon's number one; Nikon has dropped away a lot,” Geoff said. "Sony's up there; they've caught up a lot in the last five years.”

As a special post-Million Paws Walk promotion, Camera House is offering free portrait photography, for two weeks from May 24.

"Bring your puppy or dog in - buy the frame and the photo shoot's free,” Geoff said.