Sun shines on Woodford festival

THOUSANDS of campers have embraced a welcome visitor at the Woodford Folk Festival - the sun.

For the first time in several years, the revellers who set up their home for the week at the annual music festival didn't have to worry about wading through mud.

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Festival founder Bill Hauritz said last year's heavy rains and floods "devastated" the popular event.

"We're lucky to still be here," he said.

"Everyone has smiles on their faces as they're setting up camp."

For 12-year-old Alice Grieve, lazing on a camp chair while her friends practised their busking skills, was part of the fun.

This will be the Hervey Bay youngster's first experience of one of Australia's biggest cultural events.

Mum, Julie Postle said she'd always wanted to come and decided this year to make it happen.

Julie was browsing through the catalogue of performers picking which of the hundreds of concerts, talks or exhibitions she would find time to attend.

"There's no work, no housework and I get to choose between Colin Hay, Xavier Rudd or the Wiley Reed Band."

Festival patrons will also have the opportunity to join a vast range of talks on topics as diverse as "build your dream home for $25,000" to "awakening to cosmic sexuality".

Organisers also wished to make it clear while "hippies" were welcome, they were by far the minority of visitors.

"About 60% of our audience is university educated, about 40% are management. Most people here earn over $100,000 a year

"While hippies love to come here and we want to include them, they are not who we are."