Slippery surprise inside man’s backpack


A MAN getting ready for work realised he had more than a packed lunch in his backpack after a snake decided to let themselves in.

The one metre python was discovered on Tuesday morning, tucked away in the bag alongside document files.

The snake, zipped safely in the bag, was delivered to Cleveland Veterinary Clinic where it and the bag were locked down inside a birdcage and a dog cage just to be safe.

Redland's Snake Catcher Tony Morrison said the man had noticed something green in the bag that he knew he had not left there himself.

"Instantly he zipped it right up," Mr Morrison said.

The clinic made the call to Mr Morrison to collect the snake, and advised anyone who came across a snake to call their local snake catcher to remove it rather than moving it themselves.

"We don't want people picking up a snake that they don't know what it is," a clinic spokeswoman said.

"Ideally, call a snake catcher... but you can call us if you need advice."

Mr Morrison said the snake was relocated locally.