Diana Ferrari viviana slip on, $119.95, dianaferrari.com.au
Diana Ferrari viviana slip on, $119.95, dianaferrari.com.au BEN MULLIGAN

Slide into the essential summer shoe

Warning - you may never wear a different pair of shoes again after you read this story.

The lazy person's ultimate shoe, featuring no straps, laces or buckles, is in vogue and the sloths inside us couldn't be happier.

Exactly as the name suggests, the only effort you have to put into a pair of slides is sliding your tootsies into them before you leave the house. Just slip them on and you're good to go.

Wanted buyer Natalie Saccaro says slides are the essential summer fashion item.

"Slides are the must-have sandal for the season,” Natalie says. "They are very versatile and so easy to wear - just slide them on and off.”

But the lack of intricate features in no way means you're compromising on style. Fashion labels have designed slides in attractive prints and fabrics to put an elegant touch on the simple sandal.

"The introduction of using different material fabrications such as raffia, woven leathers and pony hair prints have helped the slide take on a new look for this season, which has resonated well with our customers,” Natalie says.

Brazilian brand Havaianas have even stepped into slide territory with a new range of shoes. Havaianas distributor Tom Nolan says the rubber footwear brand's latest collection aligns with Australia's love for an outdoor lifestyle.

"You would need to have been to be living under a rock to not recognise the current slides trend right now in Australia,” Tom says. "There's nothing better than slip-on footwear - it goes hand-in-hand with the carefree spirit of summer.

"There's no fuss with straps or fastenings, you don't have to worry about buffing out scratches or making your shoes shine. They can take you from beach, to street to the bar.”

Natalie says to give your outfit the polished look, choose a pair of slides that match the fabric or colour of another garment in your outfit.

She says simple staples are the best match for the humble slip-on.

"I love that you can pair them with jeans and a basic white T-shirt, summer dress, linen playsuits, ruffle skirts and we can't forget the basic denim skirt,” Natalie says.