Stockland has chosen beach-themed street names for its Bokarina Beach development
Stockland has chosen beach-themed street names for its Bokarina Beach development

Skeg Lane, Bikini Court: The Coast's new beach streets

SURF-THEMED street names at a new Coast development have scored highly with some neighbours and wiped out with others.

Developer Stockland has given new streets in its Bokarina Beach development monikers like Quiver Street, Offshore Street, Shred Lane and Skeg Lane.

A quick survey of nearby residents brought varied responses.

"That's where we are," said a supporter who didn't want to give his name.

"I don't know what else you would do in an area like this."

But shook his head as he read them out aloud.

"It's a bit corny," he said of Bikini Court and Skeg Lane.

"Some of them are alright."

Stockland senior development manager Mark McMahon said the names were inspired by the location and surfing culture of the Sunshine Coast to reflect the area's reputation as a popular surfing and swimming spot.

"Stockland carried out a careful process to ensure the street names pay tribute to Bokarina Beach's history and the natural themes of the area while reflecting a passion for a healthy and active lifestyle that incorporates the beachside setting," Mr McMahon said.

A Sunshine Coast Council spokesman said the council assessed and approved names for new roads in accordance with it's strategic naming policy.

Bokarina Beach's new street names

Bokarina Boulevard

Bathers Lane

Barrel Street

Bikini Court

Bombora Drive

Cutback Court

Glassy Lane

Kombi Street

Offshore Street

Quiver Street

Riptide Street

Salty Street

Shred Lane

Skeg Lane

Singlefin Crescent

Switchfoot Street

Tailslide Crescent

Whitecap Court