Bridgette Davis pleaded guilty to trespass and stealing.
Bridgette Davis pleaded guilty to trespass and stealing. John McCutcheon

Six-month crime, stealing spree racks up $17K SPER debt

A HIGH-PROFILE spokeswoman who added more than $3000 in fines to her $17,000 SPER debt in six months is lucky to not be behind bars after an "extremely prevalent" crime spree.

Maroochydore Magistrates Court heard how Bridgette Toni Davis, 46, ruined her seven-year crime dry-spell with multiple stealing charges and fuel drive-offs since January.

Magistrate Rod Madsen said Davis, a well-known voice for indigenous rights and culture, was "lucky" to escape jail time with 65 outstanding SPER debts, while someone else in his position might not have been as lenient.

"People say magistrates have to be careful putting fines on people, at some point it can result in you being imprisoned," he said.

Police prosecutor Jeanette Grigoris said Davis' latest crimes included trespassing at a council-owned building where she became "aggressive and abusive" to police.

Her "extremely prevalent" offending included drug driving, speeding and a series of stealing offences across Kunda Park, Bli Bli, Maroochydore and Mooloolaba.

Davis pleaded guilty on Friday to trespassing at a Sunshine Coast Council-owned Maud St home and stealing charges from a fuel drive-off.

Defence lawyer Luke Bull said Davis was homeless and sleeping in the Maud St house to stay warm when she was reported. Mr Bull said Davis stayed out of trouble from 2015 until this year, but that wasn't enough for Mr Madsen.

"Has she gone back (to re-pay the fuel?)... hasn't been back in five months so why would she go do it now?" he asked.

Mr Madsen flicked through her history saying out of 75 SPER debts, 65 were still outstanding to a total of $17,000.

Since January, $3000 in fines were dished out to Davis for multiple stealing offences at Kunda Park, Bli Bli, Maroochydore and Mooloolaba.

"At rate of fines going on SPER, she's barely able to keep up... heavens knows when SPER will get their money back."

Mr Madsen added $700 onto her debts and disqualified her licence for one month.