Sisters share in state titles success

WATERWORX Swim Club sisters Mollie and Sophie O'Callaghan are achieving terrific results along with other regional competitors at this week's state championships in Brisbane.

Mollie and Sophie had top seven finishes in their respective 12 and 15 years backstroke finals.

In Multi Class events, Jordan Harton, Kayla Clarke and Poppy Wilson swam exceptionally well, backing up for great swims in their finals.

Jayden Allum, Jacinta Ticehurst and Aiden Tuihalangingie all had solid swims.

Early medal winners Joshua Dixon and Ella Ramsay continued their quality performances in the 12 years age group.

Here's the latest results review thanks to Western Aquatics head coach Heath Ramsay.

Day 3 wrap.

CYMS St Edmunds

Britney Summerville 100m backstroke 16 years 17th.

Tahnee Summerville 100m freestyle 14 years 50th PB.

Aiden Tuihalangingie 200m freestyle 17-18 years 28th.


Jayden Allum 100m freestyle 14 years 13th PB.

Ashleigh Wright 200m freestyle 17-18 years 36th.


Mollie O'Callaghan 200m backstroke 12 years 5th PB and 800m freestyle 12 years 5th.

Sophie O'Callaghan 100m backstroke 15 years 7th PB and 800m freestyle 15 & over 20th.

Dylan Smith 1500m freestyle 15 & over 41st.

Nathaniel Smith 200m freestyle 17-18 years 47th.

Matthew Vander Zant 200m freestyle 17-18 years 48th.

Western Aquatics

Jilly McFarlane 100m freestyle 87th.

Hannah Wheelhouse 100m freestyle 14 years 35th PB.


Sebastian Carvolth 200m backstroke 13 years 13th PB.

Zoe Hill 200m backstroke 13 years 20th PB.

Heather Mackie 200m backstroke 13 years 14th PB.

Joshua Sedwell 100 freestyle 14 years 39th PB.

Tabitha Silcock 100m breaststroke 15 years 25th PB.

Naomi Stephens 200m backstroke 12 years 12th PB.

Olivia Williams 100m freestyle 14 years 112th PB.


Day 4 wrap.

CYMS St Edmunds

Elly Burling 200m freestyle 16 years 27th.

Emily Grier 100m freestyle 12 years 72nd PB.

Jordan Harton 400m freestyle 12 & over Multi Class 1st PB and 100m butterfly 12 and Over Multi Class 3rd PB.

Britney Summerville 200m freestyle 16 years 20th PB.

Tahnee Summerville 400m freestyle 14 years 47th PB.

Aiden Tuihalangingie 50m freestyle Open 14th & 200m IM 17-18 years 24th PB.


Jayden Allum 100m breaststroke 14 years 5th PB.

Madison Henness 100m freestyle 13 years 55th PB.

Grace Walker 100m freestyle 13 years 105th.


Violet Baleinagasau 100m freestyle 12 years 91st PB.

Lucy Bedford 100m butterfly 17-18 years 32nd.

Kayla Clarke 100m butterfly 12 & over Multi Class 2nd.

Mollie O'Callaghan 100m freestyle 12 years 13th PB.

Dylan Smith 400m freestyle 15 years 42nd.

Jacinta Ticehurst 200m butterfly 13 years 6th.

Matthew Vander Zant 100m butterfly 17-18 years 46th and 200m IM 17-18 years 32nd.

Western Aquatics

Mikaela Gallaher 200m freestyle 16 years 25th.

Keeley Mcnamara 100m freestyle 13 years 83rd PB.


Joshua Dixon 100m freestyle 12 years 1st PB.

Liam Donnelly 100m freestyle 13 years 21st PB.

Zoe Hill 100m freestyle 13 years 32nd PB.

Jordan Lane 200m butterfly 13 years 21st PB and 100m freestyle 13 years 61st PB.

Heather Mackie 100m freestyle 13 years 37th PB.

Olivia Williams 100m breaststroke 14 years 22nd PB.

Poppy Wilson 100m butterfly Multi Class 9th PB.

St Peters Western

Ella Ramsay 100m freestyle 12 years 3rd PB.