A couple's campervan was sucked into a hole at Byron Bay while they were still inside.
A couple's campervan was sucked into a hole at Byron Bay while they were still inside.

Sinkhole ‘an accident waiting to happen’

A BYRON Shire Councillor says the landslide at a popular camping ground was an accident waiting to happen.

A family sleeping in a campervan which slid three metres into a hole had a lucky escape at Reflections Holiday Park on Friday morning.

For years, the council has been aware of erosion problems due to natural causes and stormwater drainage near the Clarkes Beach caravan park.

Byron deputy mayor Sarah Ndiaye believes stakeholders and governing authorities including the holiday park, National Parks, the Marine Authority, the Arakwal Corporation and the council, have been unable to formulate a solution.

"I'm calling on all parties to proactively work together," Cr Ndiaye said.

"Doing nothing has clearly not worked. It's led to a potentially very dangerous situation."

Cr Ndiaye said there were some sensitive issues at play including the discovery of an Aboriginal midden in the dune.

Meanwhile, Reflections CEO Steve Edmonds was pointing the finger at the council for much of the run-off that flooded into the park.

"A lot of the water is coming from the street, there's no kerb or gutter and the camber of the road falls towards us," he told the ABC.

Cr Ndiaye did not agree.

"There are lots of contributing factors," she said.

"The amount of permeable space in their park has dramatically reduced in the past five years.

"Yes, council has sealed the carpark nearby. But sealed roads, cabins and sealed sites in the holiday park leads to more run-off."

Reflections will be paying for the landslide in the months to come.

Holiday-makers were evacuated from the loop road affected by the landslide, and it has been closed indefinitely until the land is stabilised.